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Christmas in July 2021

The 6th Annual Christmas in July Poker Run presented by Strength & Honor M/C was held on July 24. 2021. It began as usual at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon, VA with Jimmy suppling a breakfast to all participants. It was an excellent ride through the VA countryside returning to Jimmy's for the announcement of the winning hand as well, drawings for many excellent door prizes, excellent food and outstanding live entertainment.

Then on Sunday morning following the Poker Run, we gathered with the Gray Ghost Chapter at Quantico National Cemetery for the check presentation ceremony. 
A bit of background seems in order; For the past two years Chapter President, Daniel "UNO" Garza has challenged the Gray Ghost members to meet specific fund raising goals. In 2019, Uno challenged the Gray Ghost members to raise a total of $    . If successful, he would submit to a tattoo of their design as well as placement. His challenge was exceeded with a total raised during the 5th Annual Christmas in July Poker Run of $     . Uno now sports a tattoo on his thigh of Justin Beber on a Moped.
The challenge was repeated for 2021 with a goal of $    , that figure was crushed when a staggering $ 34,610.91 was raised. The new design remains a mystery but the subject is Brittany Spears. 
My high school football coach demanded  the defensive ends "SACRAFICE THEIR BODIES" to stop the power sweep of a rival high school. My friend Uno has taken a page from the James Dakin Playbook in his efforts to raise the money for the Sgt. Mac Foundation while raising the morale of Gray Ghost Chapter.

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