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2020 Wreath Project

Coivd 19 played an unforeseen role in the 2020 wreath project. Gettysburg was essentially locked down and Quantico National Cemetery was under strict gathering rules therefore we where searching for an answer. My friend, James Sanders, Director at Quantico did come up with an answer.
We could proceed with a limited placement and the traditional Wreath & Bow Assembly could be relocated to the service area of the cemetery. As long as we complied with the use standards put in place by the Veterans Cemetery Administration.
So, we asked a few individuals, people we could contact directly to participate in the 100 person maximum event. Strength & Honor Motorcycle Club along with a limited numbers of volunteers gathered in the rear service area of the cemetery for the wreath & bow assembly.

Strength & Honor was asked to bring pickups rather than motorcycles to help with wreath distribution. So, on Saturday, December 5th, 2,000 wreaths were placed (the most allowed on any day) on each headstone in the first two rows throughout the cemetery.
Our thanks to all that participated in the event and Giant Food and ABF Freight Systems in particular who without question supplied the reduced number of wreaths and supplied special transportation for the event.

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